Celebrating with Ed's Hair & Beauty

Birthday cake

Last Thursday I headed down to Ed's Hair & Beauty salon in Salford to celebrate their 4th birthday with the team. This was my first blogger event attended in Manchester, but it's already a tough act to follow. Besides getting to meet lots of new bloggers, Stephanie and the Ledigo PR crew made this a truly amazing experience for everyone. Every detail of the night was carefully planned and perfectly executed - I was truly impressed!

Facial mask

After a Prosecco reception, the night started with a beauty demonstration where fellow Portuguese Maria and Márcia performed a high-frequency treatment on my skin. I have to be honest, the combination of electricity + conducting gel + my face scared me at first, but Maria was super gentle and walked me through every step of the process. 

high frequency skin treatment
Great 'action shot' by Anna from Yay or Nay Interiors

This procedure helps rejuvenate your skin, kill bacteria and combat acne, and after just a few minutes of treatment, I could feel that the moisturizer (applied at the end) set deeper into my skin.

Beauty products

Hair washing

Next, it was time to get my hair done. Inês (also Portuguese) applied a Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick treatment after shampooing, massaging and rinsing my hair. 


y hair stylist was Ausra (not Portuguese, but Lithuanian), who started by applying an Osis Swarzkopf volume spray onto my towel-dried hair. After I told her that I have a lot of trouble styling my hair at home, she proceeded to curling it using only a blow dryer and round brushes, making it seem like the most effortless thing in the world.

Hair salon
Another great shot by Anna from Yay or Nay Interiors

Hairdresser curls

I was told before hand that she is one of the best and, after surrendering to her expert hands, I have to agree. Never has my hair had so much volume an at the same been so light at bouncy!

Hair before and after
Before and After shots - what a difference!

Makeup artist

Other treats of the night included a makeup demonstration (above) and live entertainment by former X-Factor contestants Maria Jordan Heyes and Nikk Mager, who made the night all the more enjoyable with their covers of popular songs. Everyone was dancing towards the end of the night, but this might have been a side-effect of both great singing and great Prosecco. 

Singer in purple dress

Male singer

Other star guests included radio DJ Chelsea Norris from Key 103 (below), who gave me great advice on making my hairstyle last by putting it up in a bun overnight (I can confirm that it works!).


I also got to take home a lovely goody bag full with Schwarzkopf shampoos and hair treatments, Norel Dr. Wilsz vitalizing creams and soothing masks, and candy -score!

Again, a very Happy Birthday to Ed's Hair & Beauty and a sincere wish of many more successful years ahead. And I can't wait to see what Ledigo PR have up their sleeve next!

Purple gift bags

PS: Happy Valentine's Day ;)


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