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For my first ever Yelp event in Manchester, I went to Elixir Tonics & Treats on Deansgate, across the street from the John Rylands Library.  I was really impressed with the atmosphere at Elixir as soon as I walked through the doors to an acoustic version of Ben Harper's 'Sexual Healing'. From the décor, to the dim lighting, strong smell of incense, choice of playlist, and the cocktail presentation - everything added up to create an extraordinary experience. 

I was greeted with a strawberry cocktail served with a chocolate-covered strawberry (above) before heading to the downstairs room (below). Through a rack of fur coats (in true Narnia style) was the most wonderfully decorated 'Winter Wonderland' space. Decorated predominantly in shades of white with blue lighting, again every detail was planned out to perfection and added value to the already-impressive scenery. I was really impressed to learn that this space changes theme every 3 or 4 months!

Narnia room

After an introduction by Jonny at Yelp and the Elixir manager, along with a round of canapés (fish & chips and mini-burgers), we gathered around for our cocktail masterclass. In groups, we had a go at creating our own Raspberry Mojitos and Lovelace Martinis (an elegant twist on the Pornstar Martini). 

Mini fish and chips

Table light decoration

Raspberry Mojito: 

The first step to a perfectly balanced Mojito is to muddle the flavors. Add 4 fresh raspberries, 3-quarters of a shot glass of lime juice, half a shot glass of sugar, and 8-10 mint leaves to your glass and gently mix. Add 1 and a half shots of white rum and fill the glass with ice to chill, dilute and mix the drink. 

Making mojitos

Raspberry mojito Yelp


Lovelace Martini:

The Lovelace Martini consists of 1 and a half shots of vodka, vanilla vodka, half a shot glass of lemon juice, 1 shot glass of gooseberry puree, 1 and a half shots glasses of pineapple juice, and half a shot of vanilla syrup. All the ingredients are shaken with ice and poured directly into a Martini glass. The pineapple juice should leave a nice, light foam at the top. 

Cocktail masterclass

Dry ice cocktail
They are big fans of dry ice at Elixir, which adds to the dramatic presentation of the cocktails

Our Lovelace Marrtinis were served with a shot of Prosecco on the side and a delicate sugar snowflake that rested on top of our drink. 

Lace cocktail

We ended the night again at the upstairs bar where we got to enjoy more great and equally impressive cocktails. A big thank you to Jonny and the Elixir team for a great event and a lovely evening!

mixology cocktail


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