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A few weekends ago I was invited to a lovely after-hours event at The Body Shop at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. As I am already an unconditional fan of the The Body Shop (and own an extravagant amount of their products), this was an invite I just couldn't refuse.

The evening started with a healthy fruit reception and we had some time to wander around the incredibly large store and get to know more about some of their products. One of my mst interesting finds was a lip & cheek velvet stick that looked black in the package, but had a different tone when applied, depending on your skin tone. Trying it on my hand, I got a pale pink, while Laura got more of a purple shade!

We were also introduced to their new limited edition Mother's Day range (below), which includes vitamin E moisturizing cream, aqua boost sorbet, overnight serum-in-oil, and my favorite - eyes cube, a refreshing and reinvigorating stick for the eye area. 

British beauty products

Makeup remover

After having the best grapes of my life, we got to watch a skin care and make up demonstration, using some of my most-used products including the Chamomile makeup remover and the Seaweed toner. I also discovered The Body Shop's Drops of Youth range and became an instant fan. 

Makeup demonstration

The makeup applied gave a really natural look and I really like what they did with the eyes - using one of the Poppy Shimmer Cubes, they created a colorful yet discrete blue and yellow smokey eye.

The Body Shop makeup

By the end of the night, I brought home with me two of their miniature body gels - pink grapefruit and clementine. I loved all of them, but I wanted to give them a try before committing to a full-sized bottle. So far, my favorite is the grapefruit one, as I find that the clementine body gels leaves my skin with a very strong scent that doesn't mix well with any other fragrances I add on top (either moisturizing creams, scented body butter, or perfumes).

The Body Shop miniatures

We were also treated to goody bags that included products from my new-favorite range Drops of Youth, as well as vitamin E overnight serum in-oil, Red Musk lotion, and moisturizing nose and hand cream.

Overall, this was a wonderful evening and a great opportunity to learn more about The Body Shop's products. I will be coming back for those delicious body gels!

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