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Well past my Unversity's voleyball season, and with my 40 Days of Fitness Challenge almost over, I decided to explore some alternative fitness classes to join. That is how I ended up in Machester's own Crossfit gym (or the "cage", as I learned Crossfitters call it) for a women's Fitcamp class with Personal Best Fitness

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Photo by Stephanie Ledigo 

The class, which lasted 1 hour, was based around circuit training, but the focus can change up to every week. As I am quite used to 2-hour sports sessions, I thought this was going to be an easy one, but Mark Redfern, personal trainer and owner of Personal Best Fitness, made sure I left his gym sweating and panting. 

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After a short warm-up session with lots of stretches, we split up into groups of three and Mark showed us around the various exercises we would be doing, including rowing, sit-ups, spinning, squats, and dumbbell bench presses. 

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Photo by Stephanie Ledigo

To make things more interesting and to challenge us further, we were only allowed to stop once our slowest member was finished with all of her reps. This encouraged us to try our best to finish quickly so we could enjoy a short break before jumping straight into another circuit.

Other exercises that day included inclined pull-ups, wall sits with weights, planks, and lots and lots of core exercises. 

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Photo by Stephanie Ledigo

Throughout the entire hour, Mark was super helpful and motivating. In 60 minutes, Mark gave me more helpful advice on how to strengthen my core than I have had from any of my sports coaches throughout an entire season. 

I highly reccommend that you try out one of Personal Best Fitness's classes for a fun and friendly, but challenging workout.  I can't wait to go back to the "cage"!

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