Yelp Manchester Meets: Revolución de Cuba

Cocktail and sunglasses

I had only been in Revolución de Cuba once before, but I didn't get to appreciate their love for and knowledge of rum. This was a great event to meet the staff, learn more about the bar, and even have our go at rum tasting and making our own cocktails. 

After being greeted by lovely people and a very appropriate Cuba Libre cocktail, we headed to the downstairs bar where we split into two groups. My group was directed to the Bacardi bar first, where we had a great cocktail-making class with Ben and some food to go with it. This was my first time standing on the other side of a bar, but Ben was super helpful, friendly, and patient. 


Ben's recipe for the perfect classic Mojito:
Add sugar, half a shot of lime juice, and 10 mint leaves to the glass and muddle the flavors together. Add 2 shots of Bacardi white rum and top up the glass with some crushed ice. Finally, add some soda water to the mix - and voilà! Your Mojito is ready to enjoy.

Nachos and cocktail

Havana club

For the second half of the evening, we went into the Havana Club bar for a rum tasting session. We learned about different types of rum and their origin/history. We also got to taste 4 different kinds of rum (which I unfortunately couldn't finish - shame!)

Did you know... That a drink must originate from a sugar cane and have an ABV of at least 37.5% to be considered a rum? Malibu, for example, does not meet the criteria and is therefore classified as a rum-flavored drink. 

Rum tasting

We ended the night back in the upstairs bar where we got to enjoy another complimentary cocktail of our choice. I went for a rum Pornstar Martini - probably my favorite cocktail in the entire world. I found, however, that this was a little disappointing - it didn't have the rich texture that you would expect out of a Pornstar Martini and the flavors were slightly unbalanced. It might have been due to the fact they the bar was pretty busy at that time, but several other Yelpers that I talked to said they were a little disappointed with their drinks too. Other than this small point, the event was extraordinary! Another big thanks to Jonny for organising another fab event.


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