Ell photoshoot models

In a once-in-a-lifetime event, ELLE and GHD have opened the doors to a live magazine shoot in East London celebrating the launch of the new GHD platinum styler. What's more, the entire event was broadcasted live from the shoot to one of the world-famous Piccadilly Circus billboards.

Besides getting to see how an ELLE photoshoot happens (as it happens!), the event also included loads of extra activities and treats, such as hair styling by the GHD team, a manicure bar, a temporary tattoo station, an Instagram photo booth (with photos being put up in Piccadilly Circus), complimentary chocolate treats and drinks, and a limited edition goody bag.

Here is a little video diary I made with clips and shots from the day - please be nice, this is my first attempt at making a 'video'.

Featuring 3 models and one fantastic new product, this event was, by far, the biggest one I ever attended. The downside to this was that it didn't have the personal feel of other blogger events. On the day, I was just one of the thousands of attendees. Nonetheless, I have to say it was totally worth the trip down to London. Also, I can now officially say I appeared on the ELLE website here (well, sort of):
The Live Shoot in London
Photo by ELLE UK


  1. Looks like you had a really nice time! and I love your outift!

    1. Thanks! Kind of in love with kimonos atm :) X

  2. Totally ID-ed May Bell from EML in the shoot... lol Anyway, such a cool event to be involved in!!

    Oliver x

  3. This is AMAZING!!! So jealous you got to go! You got some amazing footage :-) Great experience xxx


  4. Replies
    1. I know, right? Maybe I even appeared on the Piccadilly Circus billboards too :P X