39 Steps


For once, it was nice to sit down with my favorite blogging girls without having everyone running around like they would normally do at an event. The location chosen was the lovely 39 Steps restaurant in Styal, Wilmslow. 

Our denominated "girly dinner" consisted of myself, Anna, Nina, Holly, Anoushka, Clema, Sally, and Stephanie. These are the girls that I see at almost every Manchester event without fail and it was great sitting down with them for dinner and catching up on all the latest news and gossip. 

Just a few minutes away from Manchester Airport, the restaurant itself has a very inviting and homey feel, but oozes finesse with every plate served. 39 Steps has one large seating room accommodating around 48 guests and a smaller bar and lounge area. 

39 steps restaurant

On the night, the girls and I had a 3-course meal from a set menu, with around 3-4 options for each of the dishes served. As an appetizer, we all got Scottish smoked salmon and salmon caviar on thin-sliced cucumbers, and I then chose a Serrano ham and blue cheese salad as an entrée. For the main course, I went for the pork with mash and black pudding with vegetables, and for the dessert, the most perfect banana parfait with caramel and chocolate sauce. Finally, after our meal, we got small pieces of fudge and Turkish delight with our coffees and teas. 

Salmon and cucumber

Ham salad

Pork and vegetables

Banana parfait

Turkish delight and toffee

I had such a lovely time catching up with all the girls in a much more relax environment than a blogger event and I hope we can have another great dinner together soon!


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