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Clothes in rack

Yesterday, the Goodstock charity shop in Manchester opened its doors and let bloggers take over for a styling challenge. Myself and the other bloggers had access to the store's entire stock and were challenged to create a festival-ready look.

Charity shop

As the store stocks clothing of every size, shape and style, everyone managed to create very different outfits around the same common theme. Some chose tropical-inspired pattern and bright colors, while others preferred bold solid colors, and others took inspiration from vintage pieces. 

Red dress

Mens charity shop

Shoppers at charity shop


I decided to create quite a mainstream summer festival look by picking out some extra-short denim shorts, a vintage floral top with a very light fabric, and a patterned rucksack. I finished my look by picking a flower crown off of Goodstock's store front display. If I were to wear this look out to a festival, I would probably complete my mainstream streak by pairing the outfit with some waterproof wellies. 

Festival outfit

Girl in floral crown

The top was the first thing I picked out, and I instantly fell in love with it. On a day-to-day, I would probably wear it with some light-wash ripped jeans, or some skinny dark jeans to match the collar, but for my festival look I thought shorts were more appropriate.

Festival style

When accessorizing, I tried to match colors and not patterns. While I found a few rucksacks with floral on them, I chose this one because the brown tones matches the ones on the shirt quite well. 

Summer festival style

Girl festival style

What do you think of my festival look? How would you style for a summer festival on a budget?


  1. Love the clothes you picked hun, can't believe that is a charity shop x

    1. Thank you! I know, right? I think I will be bargain-hunting there more often from now on X

  2. yay, such a fun day :) Loved your look, that backpack rocks :D xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. I had a great time too :) Thanks for the lovely pictures! Xx

  3. Love your outfit! you look amazing xxx

    1. Thank you! Now if only I had a festival to wear them to... :P Xx