Sisterhood of the World Blogger Awards

I have just received a Sisterhood of the World Blogger Awards nomination by the lovely Cake and Whisky blog. The rules are as follows: thank the blogger(s) who nominated you, answer 10 questions you have been send, come up with 10 more questions of your own, and pass it on by nominating up to 10 other bloggers.

Here are the questions I got:

1. Your favorite season? I love the transition from Summer to Autumn/Fall because it is still warm but you start to get that amazing end-of-the-day breeze. Also... roasted chestnuts.

2. Your Pokemon soulmate? Some online test suggested it was Meowth, but I can relate dearly to Slowpoke.

3. What’s ALWAYS in your bag? Since moving to Manchester, I don't leave the house without an umbrella. I also carry with me my Victoria's Secret body spray and, more often than not, tonnes of snacks.

4. Your guilty pleasure? Cheerios. I can go through an entire pack in one sitting and then spend the rest of the day hating myself (but repeat it the next day).

5. Your #1 summer goal? Drink more sangria.

6. Something you didn’t like as a kid but love now? Naps.

7. Things you ALWAYS buy at IKEA? Desk lamps. My excuse is that I need god lighting for working on my laptop, but I have almost run out of desk space because of all my IKEA lamps.

8. Which Hogwarts House will you probably be in? Again, some online test suggested I'd make a great Ravenclaw.

9. The one thing you always forget even though you really shouldn’t?
(To charge my phone. Which is basically the modern day equivalent to “actually taking the shopping list along when you go shopping”, mainly because my shopping list happens to be on my phone!)

10. Where would you much rather be right now? Back home in Portugal by the poolside with a cold sangria in my hand (see number 5).

And here are my own 10 questions:

1. Team puppies or team kittens? (If you answer team kittens we might have to re-evaluate our friendship)

2. What is your all-time favorite movie? (I'm a little weird, but I loved the SAW movies - yes, all 7 of them)

3. What is your favorite meal? (I love my mommy's chicken strognoff)

4. Something you are talented at? (I think I can pick up most sports fairly quickly)

5. Something you wish you were talented at? (Singing. I am completely tone-deaf and don't dare to sing anywhere else but in the shower)

6. The first thing you do in the morning? (I know this is a bad habit, but I check my emails)

7. The last thing you do at night? (I usually read in bed)

8. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? (I would love to be able to fly. The view from up there must be amazing)

9. Where would you like to travel to next? (I would love to finally go to New York)

10. Small things that make you happy? (Puppies (see number 1) )

I nominate Anna, Nina, and Chanel. Can't wait to read your answers, ladies.


  1. Amazing post dear!