Love Spreads

Jam jars

Love Spreads - what a brilliant name - is a Stretford-based homemade food business making delicious jams, spreads and snacks, and adorable gifts. Recently, I got to try a small sample of some of their most popular products and I was immediately hooked.

My pack* - both beautiful and delicious - consisted of  a raspberry, lime and ginger jam, a jar of Ma Flo's Lemon curd, tangy brown sauce, an individual pack of chutney, and a 'Jammy' flapjack made with the brand's own jam.

Small jam jars

Nothing like your typical supermarket conserves, the combination of the jam with the lemon curd is heavenly and, if I could, I would have it on toast for breakfast everyday! As much as I tried to ration my pack, everything was so good that it only lasted two or three days. Even the flapjack, which I tend to stay away from, was devoured during one of my breaks in the office.

If this amazing homemade brand got your attention, spread the love by visiting their website


  1. These look so cute! I wish I liked more conserves but I'm not too keen on them and quite fussy. I do like my nan's homemade strawberry jam so maybe I would like theirs. I usually stick to peanut butter or marmite on my toast instead :)

    Francesca | Fashion Dough

    1. I am usually quite picky with mine as well. I always think the ones that you buy in a store taste like plastic (if that makes any sense). But I loved these soooo much!

  2. Ohh this looks fab, perfect for a lazy weekend brunch!
    Ruth Writes x

    1. Couldn't think of a better way to spend my sundays than in bed with a book & Love Spreads ;)