#PrairiePizzazz Luau Box

Subscription box, fashion and beauty

I have always loved the idea of subscription boxes, but I never found the 'right one' for me. That is, until I was contacted by Prairie Charms with the opportunity to become part of their blogging team. Besides being a huge privilege, this means I (and a few other bloggers) get exclusive access to the brand's Prairie Pizzazz boxes - a monthly collection of themed items ranging from fashion accessories to stationary, home decor, and even food. 

Feast London

Sausages mash and sweet potato fries

For a capital city and a major financial center, London stores, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs surely close doors early. And I wasn't the only one to notice this - Simon Pusey, founder of Feast London, set up the late-night delivery company with all the London night owls in mind.