Prairie Pizzazz Christmas Box

For the third month in a row, Prairie Charms produced one of the best subscription boxes out there. Carrying a clear festive feel all around, the team has managed yet again to put together a beautiful range of accessories, stationery, home ware, and even snacks for the Christmas edition of the Prairie Pizzazz Box. 

I have to admit this has been one of my favorite collaborations so far. I fell in love with the brand from my very first box and I am happy to say that the Prairie Charms team keeps raising the bar month after month. 

For the Christmas edition, Prairie Charms got subscribers involved every step of the way, dividing into different groups/styles, each creating a piece to be included in the box that everyone receives. The teams were: 

Boho/Shabby Chic
Casual & Comfortable
Monochrome & Simplistic 
Classic & Sophisticated
Feminine & Girly
Rock Chick Glam
Quirky & Eclectic  

I was allocated to Team Monochrome, and we were responsible for creating the super adorable gingerbread man and candy cane - shaped wax melts. It thought it was great that we had full control of this piece - from the concept to design, and even packaging. It was magical seeing our creation come to live and how cool is the Prairie Charms team for managing this x7 teams!

I have to say that every team team did a great job, and I really care for every item in this month's box without exception. I love the cute animal pattern sleeping mask and matching hair band, and I have been wearing my snow globe bobble necklace almost every single day. Now I am just waiting for a special occasion to wear my festive crown. 

The box also included a very creative hot chocolate kit that immediately drew my attention. In a spur of culinary creativity, I used it to create the best hot drink I have ever made - and yes, it tasted just as delicious as it looks. 


  1. that hoc chocolate looks amazing!I love the look of all the items in this box, what a fantastic creation to be a part of x

    1. Thank you. I am just really happy that it came with clear instruction so I couldn't mess it up :) Xx

  2. This box looks super cute - I've been thinking about signing up. Do you get hair things every month as I don't wear things in my hair... Love the hot chocolate
    Love bec xx

    1. So far all boxes have included hair accessories, but only one or two items - hair ties, scrunchies, headbands and the occasional special item like a floral crown and this festive crown.

      If you don't want to receive hair accessories, perhaps ask them to purchase the items you actually want individually. Someone did this on Instagram and I think they managed to work something out.

      I suggest reaching out to Prairie Charms directly. They are super helpful and will surely be able to answer any questions you might have.