January Empties

January has been a great skincare month for me and I had a great time revisiting old favorites and exploring new brands. With the cold weather, this month's empties post is dedicated to all the products that keep my face and body protected, healthy, and moisturized.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula moisturizer - this is one of my favorite drugstore moisturizers and I have used it every night for the past month. It is thick and creamy like a body butter, but does not take long to dry on your skin and is absorbed really well. Plus it has a delicious chocolate scent. This is one of my top bets for winter as it works magic on my dry skin.

The Body Shop Plum Body Butter - As I have already confessed, I loved the brand's plum Christmas edition, which helps to explain why I went through this tub of body butter in under a week. This moisturizer will leave your skin silky smooth with a slight shimmer, and with a sweet scent that lasts all day and is complementary to other perfumes.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet - Continuing on my The Body Shop obsession... This is hands down the best low-cost moisturizer I have ever come across for my skin. Great for combination to oily skin, it has a serum-like airy feel while still being creamy, spreads really well on the skin, (almost like a primer) and serves as an amazing base for make-up. The only down-side is that it has quite a strong and unique scent that might keep some people away from it. Nonetheless, expect to see this product again on my February empties post, because I already have another pot lined up.

InstaNatural Hyaluronic Acid Serum - As you may know, this is the serum that made me fall in love with serums in the first place, and I honestly cannot point out any flaws. Besides being a great pre-moisturizer, this has helped immensely with my dark circles and spotty skin.

Kleem Vitamin C Serum - Unlike my previous Vitamin C serum, and to my pleasant surprise, this product did not come in an orange color or strong citrus scent. Subtle yet effective, this serum did wonders in making my skin glow this winter with its powerful antioxidant properties.


  1. I totally need that body shop butter! it smells incredible xxx

  2. So many people rave about the Palmers moisturiser, I really need to get on board and try it! xx

    1. Considering that you could probably get your hands on it for under £5, it really is a great moisturizer Xx

  3. Love this!


    1. Looking back, I really think I tried great products this January :) Xx