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Made for the modern working woman, British brand Rose & Willard (and the team behind it) stands for everything we love - taking risks, being genuine, and doing the right thing. The collection is truly effortlessly chic, and the team excels in producing staple pieces with a feminine, elegant twist.

I first met Rose & Willard MD Heidy Rehman at a work event, and I immediately fell in love with her journey. For over 13 years, Heidy worked hard to built an outstanding career in one of the world's major investment banks. Leaving a comfortable position at the top, Heidy created Rose & Willard with little outside help and grew it into a trusted high-quality, conscious, and uncomplicated label. 

"Our spirit is in our name – Rose (feminine) & Willard (bold)"
Rose & Willard Philosophy

Rose and Willard outfit London

Curious about their open-door policy (supposedly extremely rare in the fashion world), I reached out to Heidy directly hoping for an opportunity to learn more about the brand and its processes. Heidy and the team were nothing but kind and accommodating and within a few days I found myself heading down to their London studio.

By far my most glamorous Tuesday morning, I had the lucky chance to try some of my favorite pieces that I had spotted online, got a sneak preview into the new collection, and was even among the first to try work-in-progress pieces for their Autumn line. Every single piece is finished to the highest quality and further proof of this came in the form of a mini masterclass by Heidy herself, showcasing the different lining and binding techniques used throughout the collection.

Rose and Willard London profile

Immediately after the work event with Heidy, I spent the afternoon looking at Rose &Willard online, both current and past collections. I instantly fell in love with a black jumper with an ingeniously placed front pleat. Simple yet innovative and always well-fitting, to me, this piece summed up the spirit of the collection. 

Following the team's expert advice, I combined this with a pair of skinny black trousers which the team adjusted for my height in record speed. Much to my delight, these carry my favorite detail ever - functional pockets! Yes, pockets where you can actually fit objects larger than 5cm. Keeping everything in place, the fabric and cut of the trousers make these extremely flattering. What's more, they are remarkably versatile and I have flaunted them both around the office and on more casual occasions, receiving endless compliments in both. 

Rose and Willard London outfit jumper and trousers

High-quality but still affordable, elegant but still effortless, Rose & Willard have very carefully placed themselves in a unique niche, bringing you the best of both worlds.


  1. Love this outfit! I like how you've teamed it with leopard print shoes to helpt hem really stand out :)

    1. Thank you! Slowly breaking out of my ultra-monochrome convention haha Xx

  2. Loving the detail on the top- is it quilted?

    1. Thanks! It's not quite quilted, but the fabric does have an interesting texture. You can find more info about it here:

  3. So understated then brightened up with a classic pair of leopard heels, love them and I am pretty sure I have those in my wardrobe ;)

    Keeley x

    1. I really love uncomplicated, monochrome outfits, but I thought the leopard heels would give a nice touch. Every woman needs a pair in her closet! Xx