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I’ve been self-conscious of my teeth for as long as I can remember: from the time I desperately needed braces (exhibit A below) to their now slightly-coffee-stained complexion. However, paying to get them whitened professionally in London is not a realistic option for me as any half-decent dentist will charge me the same as my monthly rent. I have therefore turned to home-based treatments that won’t weigh down on my wallet.

Exhibit A

My first go-to for a quick fix is teeth whitening strips. These are super convenient and easy to use – simply stick them across the front of your teeth for about 30 mins and voila!. But despite their convenience, I feel like the whitening effect fades quickly and, by the time I have my next meal, is virtually reversed. I also find it strange that the strips never cover all of my teeth at once and the ones at the back are neglected.

So naturally I was intrigued by Smile Brilliant’s home whitening kit, which is a lot more complex and specialized than strips, but still carries the convenience and affordability of an at-home solution. And I have to admit, I could not be happier with SB!

The kit was delivered by post within days and included everything needed for the whitening – paste and trays for the mold, whitening and desensitizing gel for the whitening, and a care/ instructions pamphlet. Once you received the package, you will be asked to make molds of your upper and lower teeth using the two pastes and trays provided. These are just like any imprints that you have done at the dentist, just add the clumsiness of having to do it yourself! But don't worry, the paste sets very quickly and everything will be over in 2.5 minutes. Then, just let it set for an extra half-hour and mail them back in the provided envelope. For me, it was really comforting to have a SB representative in touch via email to ensure everything went smoothly.

You will then be posted back your finished imprints. They look a lot like my orthodontic retainers, but are made of soft silicone for comfort. Now, for the fun part: take a whitening gel syringe and run in along the inside of the imprints. You get 3 syringes and each will last you 3-4 applications, although I think you could stretch this to about 6. That's a whole 18 applications in one kit!

It is recommended to leave the imprints in for 45 minutes - 3 hours, depending on your sensitivity. I went for a time frame on the more conservative side of the scale, but am looking to gradually increase my resistance. Immediately after, brush your teeth and wash your molds and repeat with the desensitizing gel, leaving in for 15-20 minutes. This will help reduce sensitivity and prevent stains.

I have only tried this twice, and only for short periods of time, but I can already see improvements. While I cannot necessarily notice my teeth to be whiter, I can tell that they are more even in complexion (they used to be more stained by the gums), even with my bad coffee habits.

Interested in trying SB for yourself. Use the code '100thingsilove5' for 5% off the website, or enter the giveaway here. Good luck!


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