Kitchen Wishlist

Kitchen Wishlist

Working full-time and studying part-time means that I had to give up a lot of things, including cooking most of my meals at home. I keep thinking about what it would take to re-kindle my passion for cooking and I've narrowed it down to two things: a young, single personal chef, or a kitchen makeover. Since the first one seems a little far-reached, I started building a kitchen wishlist that I am certain I would get if money was no issue. 

In no particular order they are: 

1) Thermomix - the crème de la crème of kitchen robots. My parents had one back home and I think it is the single best item to have if you are a lazy cook like myself. The Thermomix does everything for you: weigh, chop, grind, blend, mix, whisk, steam, cook, and the list goes on and on... Plus, owning a Thermomix means I can tick off a lot of other items from my wishlist, as these are already incorporated - namely a good kitchen scale and a steamer. Unfortunately, it also means I probably wouldn't be able to afford any of the other items on this list as this is, by far, my priciest lust item at £885. 

2) Bread Maker - Whoever can pull off a good homemade loaf without a bread maker has my utmost respect, but for now I still need a little help. Owning a bread maker would help me control what ingredients to use (I feel like regular store-bought rolls always have too much salt in them) and obviously save some money - making your own bread is around 40% cheaper than buying. Kenwood or Panasonic would probably be my first choices for functionality (both starting at around £100), but Panasonic wins on aesthetics.

3) Coffee Machine - Ever since starting my 9-5 job just over a year ago, I have quickly become a self-admitted coffee addict. For now, I turn to coffee shops on the way to work to fuel my caffeine habit, but wouldn't it be great if I could have the same barista-style experience at home with the press of a single button? Nespresso is the obvious brand that jumps to my mind, but I am open to new suggestions. 

4) Designer Tableware - Of course I had to include some overpriced eye candy in my list! I am currently in love with Jigsaws's and Vera Wang's cute, understated white pieces (especially their tea cups), but Ted Baker's dining sets take 1st prize in this category. But is impressing your dinner party guests worth an extra £70+ per person for fancy plates? You be the judge of that. 

Perhaps one day, when I own my own place, my kitchen will be filled with these lovelies. I can only dream...


  1. Só coisas lindas. Adorei tudo. bjs

  2. I really really want a bread maker - I love using my parents one, but we really don't have room. I swear by my Magimix :)

    1. Oh, I never heard about the Magimix brand before. Just checked it out and it looks really useful and quite affordable! x

  3. I like the sound of the Thermomix - I've never heard of one of those. And I'm with you on designer tableware. I've just been to Copenhagen and I'm lusting after some simple Danish crockery and wine glasses.

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