Digital Nomads: The Essential Guide To Travel Blogging

There are many bloggers in the UK and the US who travel around the world for a living. Lots of bloggers know at least someone taking that approach to life right now, so it’s definitely a reasonable goal if you put your minds to it. The important things to remember is that blogging any journey will require lots more compromise and pre-planning that you expect. 

Staying safe

Safety is a primary concern for all travelers, whether they’re making their way to the Middle East or backpacking in the UK. It’s important always to plan routes in advance and book accommodation online every morning to avoid hassle later in the day. It’s also sensible to carry a GPS tracker and let someone at home follow the route. Experts from and similar sites offer excellent information on choosing the right product. It’s also important that all bloggers research local laws in advance. The last thing anyone wants is to get arrested for doing something they didn’t realize was illegal!

Staying connected

It’s often difficult to get a reliable internet connection while travelling. However, it’s far from impossible. Many bloggers will use free public WiFi spots and sites like can help bloggers get a decent smartphone for their trip. Sometimes it’s easier to write a blog post using a word processing software, but then upload it using the connection from a phone. Recent smartphones allow users to create a hotspot and share their mobile’s internet connection. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing while on the road. 

Saving money

There are lots of ways to save money while travelling. A few ideas are:
- Using hostel websites to search for cheap accommodation 
- Hitchhiking to meet interesting people
- Using plug sockets in cafes and fast food places for electricity and charging
- Asking to stay with locals

As most people should know, digital nomads tend to make a living from their writing and they don’t require much cash for their travels. However, it’s still important to set up a website and banner services like Google Adsense in advance to ensure that readership keeps earning you cash while out of the country. 

There are hundreds of people out there doing the same thing at the moment, and that means there’s plenty of advice available. So, smart travel bloggers will take the time to network, share information and improve the experience for everyone involved. Also, be sure to check out some established bloggers already living this lifestyle before taking a leap of faith. People in that position are best placed to highlight any issues or problems new digital nomads might overlook. 


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