Fitness on Holiday

Travel exercise

In my previous post, I discussed the pros and cons of training at the gym versus working out at home. But what about when you go on holidays? What's keeping us from looking after ourselves and staying in good shape then? Here are a few ideas for you to keep challenging yourself, while enjoying a relaxing holiday, too!

The basics
First of all, why do so many people struggle to stay in shape on holiday? You would think with all that spare time on your hands that it would be easy to find 30 minutes every day for some exercise, right? Well, strangely enough, on holidays we aren’t bound by our usual schedules, so it’s actually harder to find the time (and motivation!) to keep going. So not only are we eating and drinking more than usual, but most of us are also skipping fitness altogether.

Look for quick workouts
When you are short on time, you might think about trading log runs for short, intense exercise. According to research, 15-20 minutes of intense exercise can be just as effective as a half-hour long sessions, so consider looking into HIIT, or my favorite - boxing exercises. Even if you don't have training facilities around, a few sets of sit-ups, burpees, jumping jacks and lunges will still give you a thorough workout that helps you burn calories and stay in shape.

Use your body weight
It's unlikely you'll want to cart you weights when going abroad, and you might not always have a gym at hand, depending on where you stay. My suggestion is that you look into bodyweight exercises instead. They can be incredibly effective and can be done anywhere - from pull-ups on the kitchen table (use with caution!) to tricep dips on a fallen tree in the middle of a forest. 

Of course, we all love to swimming while on holiday, whether it’s in the crystal-clear waters of the Med or the fun-packed water parks that entice tourists from all over the world. So, have your fun by all means - but try to test yourself, too. Swimming is an excellent way to manage your weight, boost your mood, and strengthen your muscles. So for every fifth waterslide you go down, swim a couple of lengths at speed, too. Plus, swimming is also great for encouraging sleep, which will make it a lot easier to go back into your usual routine once you're back home. 

Manage your risks
There are always thousands of new activities available on holiday and if you are like me, I'm sure you would like to try them all before returning home - but don’t forget about the risks! A cycling trip is a perfect example, so don’t forget to get some cyclist travel insurance when you go abroad, to ensure you can claim should you have any accident or suffer from theft. Similarly, if you are doing any hardcore activities such as mountain climbing or skiing, make sure you let your travel insurers know - if you have an accident you may not be covered, and it's always good to know in advance. 

Besides accidents, also consider what you are doing to your body. When you've had too much to drink the night before, working out early the next morning will leave you more vulnerable to injuries and dehydration. Just be careful about how hard you push yourself, both in exercising and on the dancefloor!


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