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London has so much to offer! I have lived in London for over 2 years now and I still haven't seen half of the city. Whether you’re looking for one of the best shopping experiences, some of the best nightlife, or just an all round great cultural experience, London has it all. Whether you’re here for a short stay or a long one, here are a few ways for you to go around like a true Londoner. 

The Pace Of Life
London is a really busy city and everything seems to happen at 100mph. The traffic will always be raging, and you’ll always find someone rushing around trying to catch a bus or the tube. But the London way of life is excellent for immersing yourself in the hustle and bustle of city life. If you come around on a weekend, you’ll be surrounded by so many people from so many different walks of life, the cultural experience will be great! There will rarely be a dull moment, especially if you’re around the center. 

The Food & Drink
Easily one of the best sides of London - any type of chain restaurant you can think of resides here. Nando’s and Jamie Oliver's will make you feel right at home, if you're travelling from other UK cities or if you’re looking for the ultimate fine dining experience, the center of London is dotted with Michelin starred restaurants. In terms of drinks, you’ll find anything from your typical old man’s pub, right through to some of the most expensive cocktail lounges in the world. Depending on your likes and dislikes, there’s something for everyone.

Luxury Accommodation
London has some of the finest accommodation in the world. If you have the budget, you can go for the extra extravagant hotels such as the Shard, but you’ll be paying through the nose for just one night. Or you’ve got the more affordable, yet still luxurious apartments from the likes of http://www.londonservicedapartments.co.uk/. Or there’s always the option to rent out someone's spare room through AirBnB. 

London at Christmas time is one of the most magical places to visit. The streets will be lit up with beautiful lights, and of course, there’s the incredible Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park - the park is taken over by seasonal markets, an ice skating rink, and fun rides for all the family. Large department stores such as Harrod's also attract thousands with their signature Christmas decorations and, for a night (or the entire month really), London is transformed into a magical wonderland. I would definitely recommend that you check out what's on at https://www.timeout.com for more seasonal fun.


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