Get Party-Ready For The Festive Season

Christmas Party Looks

December is creeping up fast and bringing with it lots of invitations to Christmas parties and festive celebrations. Are you party ready? Read on, I've got you covered with some handy tips for the coming party season. 

Practice your day-to-night look
With so may parties to attend throughout December, some are bound to be scheduled for weeknights. For many, that means dashing straight from the office to the party with no time to go home in between to get changed. One way to nail the perfect day-to-night look is to invest in a cute little black dress that is easy to glam up and dress down. In the office, wear it under a blazer. On the dance floor, add some statement jewelry. 

Add Some Sparkle
'Tis the season to sparkle! Consider wearing sequin dresses and tops so that you sparkle like a diamond on the dance floor. You’ll also find many variations of glitter hairspray on sale. To make your hairstyle last all night and add some sparkle, these will certainly attract people’s attention for all the right reasons!

Don’t Sweat It
Busting moves on the dance floor all night will burn some calories, but it might also make you sweat. Make sure you keep fresh and hydrated, and that your makeup is smudge-free. Urban Decay setting spray in travel size can help you last the entire night. 

Keep Hairstyles Easy
I've already mentioned that sometimes you won't have enough time to get ready for the party, so how do you make sure that your hairstyle is on point all day long? For me, it's difficult to keep my hair down all day without making it messy or frizzy, so why not keep it in an updo that will stay in place all day? You can always spray on some hair glitter on your way to the Christmas party to make it even more interesting. 


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