The Bletchley


After The Bunyadi (aka the naked restaurant) and Breaking Bad-inspired ABQ, I complete the holy trinity of London cocktail bars with a visit to The Bletchley. Decorated like a WWII bunker, The Bletchley pays tribute to Bletchley Park, home of war-time codebreakers. This immersive experience will test your wits by having you solve puzzles and secret codes to earn your next drink.

Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself

Why do people treat themselves to a new outfit, a makeover, or just a nice dinner out? A boost of confidence? A reward for all their hard work? Whatever the reason is, investing in yourself to feel better is perfectly okay... and encouraged!

Best Boxing Day Sale Finds

Boxing Day sales

This was my first time spending Christmas in London and I wanted to be part of all British Christmas traditions: roast turkey, home-made stuffing and of course, Boxing Day shopping! I ventured into Westfield Stratford in the early morning of the 26th with no clear plan in mind, but I am quite pleased with the things I was able to find. Read on for some of my favorites.

Bedroom Wishlist

Bedroom Wishlist

We spend around a third of our lives in bed, which is why we should adorn our bedrooms carefully. From color scheme to lighting and comfort features, there are many points to consider to create an atmosphere for relaxation. Below you will find a list of five things I would like to add to my bedroom to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. 

Alternative Nights Out

alternative nights out

We're only half-way through December and I've already had enough of Christmas parties revolving around excessive eating and drinking. In fact, I'm typing this from my bed while I nurse a hangover from our office party. The thing is, I don't want to turn down any invitation because seeing friends and family is my favorite part of the holiday season. So read on for some of my favorite nights out that don't revolve (entirely) around alcohol.

Never Too Late to Take a Gap Year

Gap year travel

Gap years are stereotypically reserved for those trying to “find themselves” in between life-stages as they work, play and party in sun-drenched climes. While that may be the stereotype, the reality is that you’re never the wrong age to hit the pause button on your routine, hop on a plane and take yourself to the other side of the world for some much-needed perspective. 

Finding a Great Property Investment Opportunity

property investment

It's official - I'm at that age when all my friends are starting to settle down and my social media feeds are full of baby pictures. While I am not quite ready to start a family myself, I have definitely considered other huge investments, such as buying property. Finding a place that suits you can be difficult, especially if you want to use it as an investment opportunity. Fortunately, these two criteria can often work together and it is possible to find a place that you can do up and live in.