Never Too Late to Take a Gap Year

Gap year travel

Gap years are stereotypically reserved for those trying to “find themselves” in between life-stages as they work, play and party in sun-drenched climes. While that may be the stereotype, the reality is that you’re never the wrong age to hit the pause button on your routine, hop on a plane and take yourself to the other side of the world for some much-needed perspective. 

Whether on a gap year or a work sabbatical, not only does the experience allow you to broader your cultural horizons, it's also a good way to gain an enhanced perspective on life, careers and relationships. And don't worry - a year abroad is not reserved for those with financial security. If you've read my travel guide for broke millennials, you'll know you can do it too!

I've recently had my very own quarter-life crisis while changing jobs. And while I didn't have the luxury of taking time off before making a major decision, I've definitely been around many people who have chosen to do this. Below are just some ideas that I've gathered from them: 

In the career-obsessed, goal-oriented world of the 21st century, the idea of putting all of your belongings into self storage to do some volunteer work may seem questionable, but there are few more rewarding pursuits. There are so many worthy causes to which you could dedicate your time and attention while gaining many career-enhancing transferable skills, making new friends and experiencing a new cultures up close and personal. What's more, many employers today recognize the hard work and dedication required by voluntary schemes, so don't be afraid to flaunt it on your CV! If you need some inspirations, check out VSO International. They are involved with many educational, agriculture and industrial enterprises mainly concentrated around Asia and Africa.

Teach English
If you already work with children or aspire to do so in the future, teaching English as a foreign language can be a great way to gain experience and a unique insights into a new cultures. You'll be happy to know that most teaching positions are also paid. Teach in the morning and beach in the evening? Don’t mind if I do!

Adventure for adventure's sake
Just like Bilbo Baggins as he took those first steps away from Bag End, you may see the value in an adventure for adventure’s sake. If you want to see a dazzling and ever-changing climate of fabulous mountains, spectacular rivers and cosmopolitan cities abroad, Grand American Adventures offer a range of exciting packages for you. 


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