The Bletchley


After The Bunyadi (aka the naked restaurant) and Breaking Bad-inspired ABQ, I complete the holy trinity of London cocktail bars with a visit to The Bletchley. Decorated like a WWII bunker, The Bletchley pays tribute to Bletchley Park, home of war-time codebreakers. This immersive experience will test your wits by having you solve puzzles and secret codes to earn your next drink.

When you first walk in, you are greeted by friendly staff in militant clothing, and given a military jacket to wear during your stay. Your first drink is free (meaning that you do not have to solve puzzles for it), and ours was a chilled mulled wine topped up with some gin - surprisingly refreshing but still festive.

After that, you are given your first mission. A locked box holds the "key" to your next cocktail, but you have to solve for the combination first. This will have you looking around the walls for clues, using an Enigma machine to solve for the code, and then using the radio to place your order with an operator. 

Depending on which codes you radio in, your drink could be made with any combination of alcohol, spices, and flavors. We were sitting by the bar and it was really interesting to see that no two cocktails being made were the same. Even when our group ordered two of the same "code", they came in slightly different varieties. 

For your third drink, you will receive an encoded message, use your Enigma machine to make sense of it, and report back via radio. Again, your choice of code words will dictate your order, and mine came in the form of a citrus-infused mix of Campari and Aperol.

After your last mission, you can choose to stay at the bar and order from a menu of cocktails for just £11. If you really enjoyed the experience, then the staff will give you an extra mission for your drinks for the same price. 

Overall, this was a truly one-of-a-kind experience, and a wonderful way to end 2017. Everything was made so much better by the staff, who played along with the scenario, calling us by our code names and operating the other end of the radio. If you are looking for a unique escape-room-meets-bar experience in the new year, then head over to The Bletchley's website for bookings. 


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