Three Ways You Can Be Ready For Spring

Ready for spring

While it may be airing more on the positive side of things, spring is on its way and I'm dreaming of summer clothes, spring fashion and beauty trends, and generally being outside a little more. But, while it is still a little gloomy outside the window it got me thinking about how we can get ready for the spring and summer months. Judging by how fast this year is going, it will be here before we know it.

Invest in your wardrobe and home
Quite naturally for this time of year, my wardrobe is filled with jumpers and knits, and my living spaces are adorned with blankets. Sound familiar? While it isn’t right to get rid of it all completely in one go, we can start to inject some spring fashion and trends into our homes. And this doesn't mean blowing your bank balance or racking up credit cards either, or you may need to look into poor credit personal loans, but it does mean that if you budget right, you can get your home and wardrobe ready to welcome spring. 

A capsule wardrobe for spring is the ticket to having the right style while being budget friendly, and there is no problem with adding a few spring touches to your home such as fresh flowers, pastel shades or even a few new accessories and orange mentos here and there. Starting now means that it won’t feel like such a big change or cost when the time comes, and plus it can have you feeling excited and happy during these last few weeks of winter. 

Re-evaluate your diet
I am definitely guilty of reaching for comfort food during winter - pasta, bread and any other form of carbs are often my first choice for meals. This can leave you feeling heavy and bloated, so now is the ideal time to re-evaluate your diet, before the bikini-body-panic kicks in. I suggest that you start by incorporating more fruits and veg into your diet with a smoothie for breakfast, or a small side salad with lunch. This will leave you filled with energy and also looking your best in time to model the spring and summer fashion trends.

Take some time for yourself
It feels great not having to shave/wax as often, but I'm also guilty of not moisturizing enough, not painting my toenails, and not taking care of my hair (it's going to stay under a wolly hat anyway!). But now would be the ideal time to change up your routine and put some effort into yourself. Why not start with a weekly pamper session with a face mask, making time to soak in the bath or even giving yourself an at-home pedicure or manicure? 


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