How To Accessorize A Formal Evening Dress

Finding the perfect outfit for a formal event can be a bit of a pain. It’s hard to judge just how formal to go and you don’t want to end up being the most overdressed or underdressed person at the party. But finding a dress itself is only half the battle. If you really want to elevate your outfit, you need to accessorize it properly. 

Picking the right handbag for your evening dress is vital. Women's clutch bags are the safest option for a formal event because, as a general rule, smaller bags look smarter than larger ones. If you’re going for a black dress you’ve got quite a lot of options for colors; most will go well with a black outfit so you’ve got a good opportunity to inject a bit more color into your outfit. 

If you aren’t wearing a black dress, you need to be careful with the color of bag that you match with it. The biggest mistake that people make is matching the color exactly, which doesn’t look good. You should choose something similar but not quite identical or you could match the bag with your shoes and belt instead. 

Belts are a great way to bring out your figure and break up the dress a little but you need to be careful about how you wear them and which belt you choose. They should always be worn at the smallest point of your waist, just above the belly button, to bring out a great hourglass figure. If you’re wearing a black dress, metallic belts are the way to go. A nice gold or silver will work great. If you’re wearing a colored dress, you either need to match it exactly, or find something that contrasts well with it. Always avoid complicated patterned belts with formal evening wear because they’ll ruin the elegance. If you’re wearing a long necklace, don’t go for a belt because they’ll overlap and it’ll look silly. 

A good piece of jewelry can turn a good outfit into a stunning one. You’ve got quite a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing jewelry to go with evening wear so the first thing to do is start narrowing your choices down. Decide on metal type and color that you want to go for and see what you’ve got. If you’re wearing a solid color, you can choose something multi colored without worrying about the outfit getting too crowded, but match at least one color on the jewelry to the color of the dress. If your dress has a print on it, you need to choose some basic jewelry, otherwise, the outfit will become too messy. 

You can easily ruin a great evening dress if you don’t accessorize properly. But, keeping to a few rules, it's also easy to get it right every time!.


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