Storage Solutions for a Tidy Home

Piles of belongings can make your home feel crowded and can provoke feelings of irritability or general discomfort. A problem that faces many of us though is that the mess that surrounds us isn’t necessarily rubbish or waste - it can’t just be put in the bin. So, what can we do? Start by thinking about the best storage solution to maximize your space.

There are certain things that we probably only get out once a year, but that we couldn’t afford to dispose of and repurchase annually. Take Christmas decorations as an example, or the whole winter/summer wardrobe dilemma. Ideally, we would be able to leave these outside of sight until we need them. An option not many people think of is with self-storage. Companies like offer secure storage spaces where you can keep your belongings and collect them as and when you please!

Any bookworm will be familiar with books being scattered in various spots across their house, but bookcases can keep so much more than books. So it might be a good idea to invest in a bookshelf - and when I say invest, I really mean that it will be an investment piece.  You’ll get plenty of use out of it if you opt for sturdy materials, as low-quality cases are prone to bowing under too much weight.

Another form of storage that can accommodate a wide variety of objects is shelving. You can keep almost anything on a well-fitted shelf on a sturdy wall, and you won't be taking up any extra floorspace. 


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