A Summer to Remember

There’s a lot to do during the summer. You’ve got a couple of months ahead of you consisting of a lax schedule, plenty of sun, and the excuse to walk around in shorts and crop tops wherever you go. And because of that, it’s a good time to crank the self-indulgence up to 11! So why not plan yourself a holiday, and only have good memories to build off of for next time?

So with that in mind, here’s a couple of the best ideas for planning yourself (and maybe a few friends) a little holiday that’s going to drain away all the stress of the year so far. 

Learn how to make some cocktails
Learn how to throw the master of cocktail parties right from your own living room, and your friends are never going to be more impressed. Cocktail parties always have a nice ring to them; whether you want to host a posh evening soirée, or you’re willing to turn up the bass and dance till you drop with a Sex on the Beach in your hand!

If you can make some cocktails out of the alcohol from the cheap convenience store just down the road, you can cut out the queues and the extortionate tourist prices that accompany every night life bar and restaurant happy hour you could imagine! It’s easy to master once you get the shaking technique down. 

Hire a holiday home
This can be anything from a coastal cottage in the South of England to one of the luxury villas in Nusa Dua! If you want to have a great time away from other guests and hotel rules, this is the option for you. Sure, this option may be a little on the pricey side, but if everyone pitches in to make sure it’s a viable option, you’ll be able to afford it. 

Planning the summer to remember means you’re always going to be able to look back on it when you’re back to work in September and warm yourself with the thoughts alone! It’s something a lot of people take for granted, so don’t let yourself make that same mistake!


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